National Parks of Angola

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Angolan National Parks

Angola is bordered by the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the north-east, Namibia in the south. Zambia is on Angola’s eastern border and western Angola lies along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. Angola is a good-sized country. nearly twice the size of Texas. It has a temperate climate with two distinct seasons. The dry season between May and October and the rainy season between November and April. Angola has three main geographic areas. The low coastal strip which is less than 600 feet above sea level. The highlands, in central eastern Angola, rise up to nearly 8,000 feet above sea level. The plateau lands, which makes up about two-thirds of Angola, are at an average elevation of around 4,000 feet above seal level.

Today, Angola is still recovering from a devastating civil war which began in the 1970s and lasted for more than three decades, claiming millions of lives and producing millions of refugees. As might be expected, Angola’s civil war also had a catastrophic effect on the country’s wildlife. During the many years of war, wildlife populations were decimated; as animals were slaughtered by the military for sport, killed in fields of landmines, hunted by poachers and eaten by hungry refugees. There has been some effort to reintroduce some of the many species of wildlife that once were numerous in Angola.

Angola has nearly 300 species of mammals, including such species as the African elephant, hippopotamus, giraffe, mountain zebra, wildebeest, lion, leopard, cape buffalo, spotted hyena, brown hyena, caracal, African civet, yellow mongoose, African wild dog, sable antelope, eland, waterbuck, bushbuck, gemsbok, impala, bongo, warthog, springbok, and black rhinoceros, just to name a few. Angola is very rich in bird life with nearly 1,000 species of birds found in the country.

Birds of Angola – Checklist

Bicauri National Park
Cameia National Park

Cangandala National Park
Iona National Park

Kisama National Park

Longa-Mavinga National Park
Luenge National Park
Luiana National Park

Mucusso National Park
Mupa National Park
Quicama National Park

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